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Design Theory

         We do it all! With us you will

have a party of a lifetime. Our team brings a fresh energy to our projects, and we love a good party!

Our Boss Lady:

About Yariela
pronounced [ja-di-ella] 

I'm Yariela, Yari for short. I am the owner of Design  Theory Events.


                I’ve lived in Denver for the last

eight years and before that I started off my career in Florida. When I'm not working you can find me camping, swinging in a hammock, or re-watching every show I’ve ever seen in my life.


       I love a creative project, doing

something different and working with power tools. I’ve worked events for the last 13 years of my life, doing every job in the book. I can jump behind the bar and bartend, I can bustle your dress, even build you a backdrop, or make your bouquet. If I can't find it, buy it, or thrift it, I'll build it. After years of planning and coordinating events within the industry, I decided it was time to experience a new journey and start a company of my very own in Denver, CO. Now we are ready to take on the world!


Don’t know me? I’m usually the one dancing while I work. 

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